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Combining Documents- importing Headers/Footers


atm i am combining documents like this;
Document combined = new Document();
String outputPath;

foreach (String path in Paths)
using (FileStream src = new FileStream(path, FileMode.Open, FileAccess.Read, FileShare.ReadWrite))
Document srcDoc = new Document(src);

    <span style="color:#4ec9b0;">Section</span> srcSec <span style="color:#b4b4b4;">=</span> <span style="color:#569cd6;">new</span> <span style="color:#4ec9b0;">Section</span>(srcDoc);

    <span style="color:#569cd6;">foreach</span> (<span style="color:#4ec9b0;">Section</span> sec <span style="color:#569cd6;">in</span> srcDoc<span style="color:#b4b4b4;">.</span>Sections)
        srcSec<span style="color:#b4b4b4;">.</span>AppendContent(sec);

    <span style="color:#4ec9b0;">Section</span> secToAdd <span style="color:#b4b4b4;">=</span> (<span style="color:#4ec9b0;">Section</span>)combined<span style="color:#b4b4b4;">.</span>ImportNode(srcSec, <span style="color:#569cd6;">true</span>);

    combined<span style="color:#b4b4b4;">.</span>Sections<span style="color:#b4b4b4;">.</span>Add(secToAdd);


DocumentBuilder builder = new DocumentBuilder(combined);

builder.InsertTableOfContents("\o “1 - 3” \h \z \u");

outputPath = Directory.GetParent(Paths[0]).FullName;

combined.Save(Path.Combine(outputPath, “FileOut.docx”), SaveFormat.Docx);

This works pretty fine, but it cant import and combine header/footers. Is there any way to extract the headers/footers from the documents i combine? Even if headers/footers aren’t the same?



Hi Max,

Thanks for your inquiry. Please use the following code example to merge the header/footer of documents. The MergeHeaderFooter method gets the contents of header/footer from source document and append into the output document’s header/footer.

Hope this helps you. Please let us know if you have any more queries.

Document doc1 = new Document(MyDir + “doc1.docx”);

Document doc2 = new Document(MyDir + “doc2.docx”);

MergeHeaderFooter(doc1, doc2, HeaderFooterType.HeaderPrimary);

MergeHeaderFooter(doc1, doc2, HeaderFooterType.FooterPrimary);

doc2.Save(MyDir + “Out.docx”);

public void MergeHeaderFooter(Document srcDoc, Document dstDoc, HeaderFooterType headerType)


foreach (Section section in dstDoc.Sections)


HeaderFooter header = section.HeadersFooters[headerType];

if (header == null)


// There is no header of the specified type in the current section, create it.

header = new HeaderFooter(section.Document, headerType);



foreach (Node srcNode in srcDoc.FirstSection.HeadersFooters[headerType].ChildNodes)


Node dstNode = dstDoc.ImportNode(srcNode, true, ImportFormatMode.KeepSourceFormatting);





Hi Tahir,

many thanks for your answer :slight_smile: its working perfectly