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Compact PDF's

Our PDF files when opened are around 7 MB. After saving them and running them through the Acrobat Distiller they shrink in size are not even half as big. Is there a setting or function in the APOSe.pdf to duplicate this same distiller process to compact the pdf before it is opened?

Dear charmer,

Thanks for your consideration.

Would you please elaborate your pdf files? Are there large images or embeded fonts in these files?

Our PDF files may contain large images, but they don’t always contain large images. I’m sending a sample PDF file to the address for your review. I am referencing this post url in my email.


Dear Chrissy,

Thanks for your consideration.

You problem must be caused by image. Please download hot fix 1.5.27 to have a try. If it can’t work, please send me your source code.