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Company doesn't allow MSI files to be used during install

Our company does not allow any software to be installed on our servers via an MSI file. The policy requires that the individual components be installed manually. Can you identify and provide the individual components along with instructions for how and where to install them?

This is urgent!


Doug L.

You don’t need to install Aspose.Words on a server from the .MSI file. Aspose.Words is just Aspose.Words.dll that should be deployed together with the rest of the files of your application.

We actually have purchased both Aspose.Words and Aspose.PDF.Kit.

Are you saying that we can just load the DLL’s for both?

I don’t see how to download version 4 of Aspose.Words. I do see the PDF download for version 3.7.

I also see the download of the DLL for Aspose.PDF.Kit.

Any special instructions for loading just the DLL?

Sorry I meant to say “I do see the DLL download for version 3.7”

Do we have to register it or just keep it on the server and using the license refer to this dll?

The way you normally do it:

  1. Download an Aspose product MSI installer.
  2. Run it to install on your development machine.
  3. Add a reference to your to an Aspose product to your project in Visual Studio.
  4. Build you project.
  5. Copy your project to the server. The bin folder that contains the executable and assemblies of your project will already contain the Aspose assemblies referenced by your project.

That’s the way it’s done for .NET applications most of the time. See MSDN if you need more info how to deploy in .NET.

Aspose.Words.dll does not need to be registered if used in a .NET/ASP.NET project.

However, it needs to be registered as COM library if you are using it in a pure ASP application as described here.

You should also put the license file in the production server and activate it in your application code every time the application runs as described here.

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Thanks for your help!

Do we follow the same process you described in our Development and Test environments? We have 3 server environments: Development, Test, and Production.

Also, do we following the same process for the Aspose.PDF.Kit DLL?


As Roman has pointed out, you need to install the pack on your Development environment, develop the project there and then deploy the project together with dll and license file to your Test and Production environments. The same process I think should be used with Aspose.Pdf.Kit.

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