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Comparision of aspose.cells and Jexcel

Can u please give acomparision between aspose.cells in java and Jexcel, i mean what additional features does aspose.cells has compared to Jexcel and POI methods. Y should I use aspose.cells?

Thanx in advance.


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Thanks for considering Aspose.

If you compare Aspose.Cells for Java with JExcelAPI, you will find that JExcelAPI has limited set of features as compared to Aspose.Cells for Java. For example, JExcel does not support charts, pivot tables, all types of data validations, protection, data sorting, freezing / unfreezing panes etc. It also has limitations related importing images as it only import .png format images to worksheets. Aspose.Cells for Java has a huge list of valuable features, it has almost all the features which MS Excel provides. Besides this, the component is reliable and its APIs are truly optimized. We always try to enhance our component to display better performance under load.

I try to give you a summary what additional features Aspose.Cells for Java provides for the users, I might be missing a few ones but I think you may explore it yourself comparing both Aspose.Cells for Java and JExcelAPI

Aspose.Cells for Java can open, create, save and manage not only native (xls, xlsx) excel files (Excel 97-2007) but also support other formats like SpreadsheetML, txt, tab delimited, xlsm, xlt etc.:



Aspose.Cells for Java supports to convert excel files to .pdf formats:


Aspose.Cells for Java supports to display / hide worksheets and its objects including tabs, scrollbars, gridlines, rows/columns and can also perform the freeze / unfreeze panes task:




Aspose.Cells for Java supports to Protect / Unprotect Contents, Objects and Scenarios of a Worksheet




Aspose.Cells supports all the page setup and printing options same as MS Excel, check the section:


Aspose.Cells supports auto-fitting rows / columns and copying rows and columns:



Aspose.Cells for Java supports to search data into the worksheet cells:


Aspose.Cells for Java support data sorting:


Aspose.Cells supports to import data from a variety of data sources and export data to Excel:



Aspose.Cells for Java supports tracing precedents and dependents:


Aspose.Cells for Java supports data filtering and validations:


Aspose.Cells for Java supports conditional formattings:


Aspose.Cells for Java supports activating sheets and cells:


Aspose.Cells for Java supports to create all the standard and custom charts:


Aspose.Cells for Java supports different types of drawing objects, controls and ole objects:



Aspose.Cells for Java supports Smart markers which is very useful feature for some of the users:


Aspose.Cells for Java supports to create pivot tables:



Besides this, we provide an excellent and fast customer support for unlimited time totally free of cost. If you find any bug, we will soon provide you a fix.

We will soon publish an article comparing Aspose.Cells for Java with some of its open source competitors

Thank you.

I am comparing two excel files and writing it in another third file where the data of both both files of particular col should be written in another file in one col and if the data matches it should be green otherwise it should strikeout…How can I achieve this?


Thanks for your query.

Well, you may devise your logic/approach and write your own code using Aspose.Cells APIs accordingly. Aspose.Cells provides almost all the features of Ms Excel to cope with it. But you got to write your own code to accomplish the task by yourselves. For example, you may retrieve data from the first file’s sheet cells (cell by cell) to be compared with other file’s sheet contents. see the document on how to retrieve data from the cells for your reference:

To copy data from range of cells (in a sheet) to another sheet cells, you may use Range.copy() method, see the document for your reference:

Moreover, you may use Aspose.Cells’ Find/Search feature to check/compare data, see the document for your r reference:

Lastly, you may apply formatting (after you have inserted/copied data to your destination sheet’s column cells) accordingly, see the document on how to apply style/formatting to font text in the cells:

Hope, this helps a bit.