CompressLevel Error


I’m receiving the following error:

[ApplicationException: CompressionLevel property out of scope.]
a6.o(Int32 A_0)
dg.a(Pdf A_0, Section A_1, Table A_2, Row A_3, Cell A_4, Text A_5, a A_6, ck A_7)
cd.a(Pdf A_0, Section A_1, Table A_2, Row A_3, Cell A_4, Text A_5, a A_6, ck A_7, Boolean A_8)
br.a(Pdf A_0, Section A_1, Table A_2, Row A_3, Cell A_4, a A_5)
dy.a(Pdf A_0, Section A_1, Table A_2, Row A_3, a A_4)
bp.a(Pdf A_0, Section A_1, Table A_2, a A_3, Boolean A_4)
b9.a(Pdf A_0, Section A_1, a A_2)
bo.a(Pdf A_0)
am.a(ax A_0, Pdf A_1)
Aspose.Pdf.Pdf.Save(Stream stream)
Sunbelt.Pride.BusinessLayer.Reports.PDFReport.Save(Stream outputStream) in C:\Clients\Charmer\Projects\EPRIDE\BusinessLayer\Reports\PDFReport.vb:92
Sunbelt.Pride.BusinessLayer.Reports.PDFReport.GenerateReport(ReportParametersList ReportParameters, ProductsDataSet ProductsDS, Stream& outputStream) in C:\Clients\Charmer\Projects\EPRIDE\BusinessLayer\Reports\PDFReport.vb:72
Sunbelt.Pride.BusinessLayer.ReportManager.GenerateReport(String reportName, ReportParametersList params, ProductsDataSet prDS, Stream& outputStream) in C:\Clients\Charmer\Projects\EPRIDE\BusinessLayer\ReportManager.vb:90
PRIDE.WebClient.WebReportManager.GeneratePDFReport(String ReportName, ReportParametersList& params, ProductsDataSet& prDS, HttpResponse Response) in C:\Clients\Charmer\Projects\EPRIDE\PRIDE.WebClient\WebReportManager.vb:70
PRIDE.WebClient.ReportGenerator.GenerateReport(String ReportNameToGenerate) in C:\Clients\Charmer\Projects\EPRIDE\PRIDE.WebClient\ReportGenerator.aspx.vb:89
PRIDE.WebClient.ReportGenerator.Page_Load(Object sender, EventArgs e) in C:\Clients\Charmer\Projects\EPRIDE\PRIDE.WebClient\ReportGenerator.aspx.vb:31
System.Web.UI.Control.OnLoad(EventArgs e)

We are using XML/XSL to generate the XML to the Bind and Save and have not set the CompressionLevel. I have a sample XML file that is generating the error that I can send on request.

Thanks in advance.


Dear dgertz,

Thanks for your consideration.

That’s really strange error. Would you please send me an example code which can reproduce the error?


Dear dgertz,

Thanks for your consideration.

Please download hot fix in thread New Release 1.5 and Its Hot Fixes in our forum.