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Concatenate not showing data

I filled in two forms using Pdf.Form, and when I concatenated the two pages, none of that data seems to have made the transition. Is there a separate function that I should be using?

Peter Newell

I have also tried this with Append and Insert, all giving the same results.

It appears as though the text fields and other form controls are not converted over.

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Concatenate() method works on existing Pdf file, Check that the data have been writen back the forms of the each file on the disk, then use Kit to concatenate two files.

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Yes, I first create the two pdf files, then after they are on the disk, saved and everything, I concatenate/append/insert, and the form data is lost.

To test this I used two other pdfs that have been created with the text boxes filled in, saved on disk and everything, and I still see the same result.

Any help?

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Would you mind sending source code and the Pdf files you were saved to, I will check the problem myself.

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You can flatten the forms after filling data with Aspose.Pdf.Form, then concatenate two files.
Soon, we’ll release hotfix to smooth it.

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