Connector should not overlap on other shape in


How I can prevent connectors to overlap on some other shapes? Shapes and connectors are generated dynamically from code.



I have tried understanding your requirements and have not been able to completely understand them. Can you please share the source presentation along with snapshot representing the issue so that we may investigate that on our end.


Please find image of problem. Capture.PNG (6.5 KB)

  1. We can identify that connector is overlapped on second rectangle box and it should connect from different angle because these shapes are creating dynamically?



I have observed the image shared by you and like to share that connectors belong to shapes in Aspose.Slides. The SlideCollection has Reorder() method that you may use to set the order to shape. If you set the order to 0 for a shape, it will be at the back of all shapes. If you set order to ShapesCount-1, it shall bring the shape to front of all. Please consider the sample code over following thread link for your convenience along with example.


do we have something that can change the direction and angle of connector where connector will not overlap instead of shape overlap on connector by Reorder()?



I regret to share that there is no option available to set the customized connector shape between two shapes. The possible options in IConnector interface provides support for rerouting of connector and also setting particular connecting index for connector on Shape. What you are looking for Aspose.Slides is unfortunately not possible using API.



Is there any progress regarding this ticket?
Was any features introduced to achieve the aforementioned behavior of connectors?
We need same thing for our charts but cannot achieve it anyhow. Is there any plan to provide such functionality? Maybe you can suggest any strategy to achieve that with current API?
At the moment we cannot even identify when connector is crossing a shape

Thank you



I have observed your requirements and suggest you to please try using this documentation link for example on working with connectors. If you still have any issue please share the complete requirements in the form of sample presentation and used sample code that what you want to achieve using Aspose.Slides.


I have seen the documentation and we are actively using all thos connectors features.
The issue I have is absolutely the same as mentioned in the beginning of this thread. I was wondering if something has changed since the last update about this or not

Thank you



Can you please share sample project along with source file and generated result so that we may investigate on our end in detail and help you out.