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Connectors not connected to shapes when saving as .vdx format

We wrote software that generates .vdx type diagrams for Visio.
The user can save the Visio file to their computer and change layout.

There are macros in the drawings that ask the user if they want to save the diagram back to our server software.

The problem we see (the converted file) is the connectors are on the diagram, but they are not connected to the shapes. An example is similar to this

Here is Visio code that has a connector to two shapes
​PAR(PNT(Shadowed Rectangle.45!Connections.Float.X,Shadowed Rectangle.45!Connections.Float.Y))

after the Aspose conversion, we see this
​PNT(9.25, 3,48)

We are using Aspose Diagram 17.8

Our code is very simple - here is a snippet from our source code:
InputStream is = docFileView.getDocumentFile();
// load an existing Visio diagram
Diagram diagram = new Diagram(is);
ByteArrayOutputStream dstStream = new ByteArrayOutputStream();
// save diagram in the stream
diagram.save(dstStream, SaveFileFormat.VDX);

Attached is a ZIP that shows “before” and “after conversion” files.samples.zip (385.4 KB)

We managed to replicate the problem of disconnected connecting lines. It has been logged in the bug tracking system as follows:

File name: updatedChart.vsdm
DIAGRAMJAVA-50559: VSDM to VDX - the connecting lines are not connected to the shapes

We have linked your post to this ticket and will keep you informed regarding any available updates.

Thanks for the reply.
Do we have a predicted release date?


The linked ticket ID DIAGRAMJAVA-50559 has just been identified. It is difficult for us to share an estimate before the completion of the analysis phase. We have logged an ETA request under the same ticket ID and will let you know once a significant progress has been made in this regard.


The linked ticket ID DIAGRAMJAVA-50559 has been fixed. Please download and try the new version 17.10 of Aspose.Diagram for Java API.