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Considering Purchase of Aspose.PDF and Aspose.PDF.Kit

I’m wondering if it is possible to redirect output of the PDF component to a printer?

Basically I’m hoping to use the PDF.Kit component to manipulate a PDF File and have it Printed to a Printed Attached to the server where the application will be running from without the need to to use the Graphics Namespace and manually output all the data to the printer.

Is this possible with PDF and PDF.Kit and do you possibly have a sample on how to do that I could test with an evaluation version and see if it does what I’m looking for?

Dear caplinktech,

Thank you for considering Aspose.

Sorry this feature is not supported in our PDF products. We will add support for this feature later but I can’t give exact date.

Is there some type of rasterizing function that can be called that will render a page as an image? I think if thats possible I can simply tell the PrintDocument Class to simply print the image.

Is that available or planned in the near future.

Sorry this is not possible too. We have planed to support this function but we can't finish it in the near future.