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Control Location of temporary Images in Word to PDF conversion

When saving to an xml file stream for conversion to PDF, is there a way to control where the temporary images are stored? I thought I read in one of the forums that you can, but I can’t figure out how.
I’m getting the following error when the code is moved onto a testing server (as opposed to the development machine, where everything worked fine):
Access to the path “C:…\ASPNET\Local Settings\Temp\Aspose.Word.632592803983664353.001.Jpeg” is denied.
And am assuming that the error is that ASPNET doens’t have access to the folder where the images are being stored. I don’t have control over the rights on the server except my own folders.
Do you think this is an appropriate assumption as to the error?

When you save a document as Aspose.Pdf.Xml to a file name, then the images are stored in the same folder where the file is saved. This was supposed to be the way to control where the images are stored. If you are saving into a memory stream, then images are stored in the Temp folder. I guess adding an option that allows you to specify path explicitly is a good idea, I will add it to the task list, but save the whole document to a file for now to workaround.