Conversion into PDF generate too many exceptions



1- I am developping an application in which use aspose.pdf, aspose.word and aspose.excel in order to generate business offers, and contracts. But last few weeks, we used Microsoft Debugging tools in order to track exceptions in the application. Today we tested the PDF generation and we found a lot of exceptions send by aspose.pdf.

I joined a file with some of these exceptions. We used two Word templates, one empty and a basic one, but the result is the same in both cases. We tried aspose.Pdf assemblies version 2.5.3, 2.6.0, and with the same result.

2 - Another problem is when we use text area in word with no border, the PDF conversion contains the text area at the right place but with border !

Have you a hotfix for that ? The deployment of the application depends of it.




Hi Bertrand,

Thank you for considering Aspose.

1) I think you should attach (probably zipped) the documents that throw. I'll then notify the Aspose.Pdf team so they look at this thread.

2) If you mean textboxes then this is the normal behaviour for now. We plan to improve conversion of textboxes, in the meantime the easiest workaround for you is to use a table without borders to position the text.


hi Dmitry,

I joined the package. It contains an empty Word document which is a blank offer. It generates as many exceptions as another standart document. I joined the full dump of the exception for one generation.



Thanks, I’ll let the Aspose.Pdf team know immediately.


I have answered this question at Exception in Aspose.Pdf.Save.