Conversion of Word Document into PPTX via an Intermediate PDF Conversion

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The class PdfImportOptions and two methods

public ISlide[] AddFromPdf(string path, PdfImportOptions pdfImportOptions)


public ISlide[] AddFromPdf(Stream pdfStream, PdfImportOptions pdfImportOptions) 

have been added.

These two methods take as an argument an object of the PdfImportOptions class, which specifies whether the presence of tables in the imported document should be determined.

In your case, the following code should be used to import tables while preserving their styles:

string pdfFileName = "Single page Example.pdf";
string pptxFileName = "output.pptx";

PdfImportOptions pdfOptions = new PdfImportOptions
    DetectTables = true

using (Presentation presentation = new Presentation())
    presentation.Slides.AddFromPdf(pdfFileName, pdfOptions);
    presentation.Save(pptxFileName, SaveFormat.Pptx);