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Conversion Quality

Hi just wondering if there's a way to set the output quality of a pdf, we have some issues where the colours in the output are much darker than the original. Using Powerpoint's inherent pdf conversion seems to work fine. But for us we need it to be right in the Aspose.Slides component.

If you need a document I can probably get you one this time. As a sample.



It would be great if you can provide such document.

Thank you,

Here's a sample, it's the actual slide within our presentation that is causing problems with other slides. I can't show you the whole document, but after several tests I'm positive this is the one causing the issues. Basically the Green bars are much darker when you include this slide, after conversion this slide's bars also are darker. When excluded from the document all the colours are fine.

Also when I convert it to a pdf using "save as" within Powerpoint 2007, The colours are fine.

So I guess there are no "quality" settings for the Aspose.Slides component?

has anyone had a chance to look at this?


Yes, we checked the file but couldn’t find the source of the problem yet. Image inserted to the pdf is correct but Acrobat shows it with little different color (probably low contrast). Anyway, we are working on this issue and I hope it will be solved.


Has this issue with color quality been addressed yet? If it hasn't can you let me know when we can expect it to be fixed?


Hi we just tried the latest version of Aspose components and it's seems that the original issue was fixed. But it turns out we have some other issues in other documents. I will be attaching them here momentarily.

Hi Prince,

We have optimized the pdf export in Aspose.Slides for .NET that you can download here. In this version, we have introduced Presentation.Save() method and PdfOptions class to set properties like JpegQuality. An example is here:

Presentation pres = new Presentation("d:\\ppt\\prince\\simple2.ppt");

PdfOptions opts = new PdfOptions();

opts.SaveMetafilesAsPng = false;

opts.JpegQuality = 90;

pres.Save("d:\\ppt\\prince\\simple2.pdf", SaveFormat.Pdf,opts);

Hi Prince,

Frankly, i could not understand the problem with respect to Aspose.Slides component. You said that your original issue of exporiting ppt to pdf is solved and you found new issues. Then you submitted code snippet related to Aspose.pdf.kit. I have following questions.

1) What is the exact problem with respect to Aspose.Slides component?

2) Is this problem specific to the new version of Aspose.Slides?

OK, understood. My name is Mike actually, princefarming is just an alias.

Here's an overview of what we're doing:

1. We use Aspose.Slides, Aspose.Words, & Aspose.PDF.Kit for conversion from PPT or Word to pdf.

2. One business requirement is to add a Watermark with the date to the converted file (i.e. the pdf).

3. So I first convert the PPT or word Doc to pdf, then I use the PDF.kit stamper to add a watermark.

So previously, we had an issue when we converted the PPT. The issue was stated above, where the green's would be become darker, etc. So at the time we assumed this to be a Aspose.Slides issue.

It seems that without watermarking the latest Aspose.Slides version has fixed the PPT to pdf conversion.

Now though when we add the watermark (using the Aspose.PDF.kit code above), it again turns the greens to a darker green.

So now I assume this is an issue with the Aspose.PDF.Kit dll. Please tell me how you'd like to proceed.

Hi Mike,

I have moved the posts related to Aspose.Pdf.Kit issues to the relevent forum. The URL is as under:

<A href="https://forum.aspose.com/t/118992</A></P> <P>Someone from Aspose.Pdf.Kit forum will respond you. </P>