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Conversion to PDF through Aspose.Cells Shrinks text in both 5.1.0 and 5.1.1

I was attempting to upgrade Aspose.Cells to get the several fixes that have been incorporated from my other posts. Unfortunately I didn't get past testing out that the code changes required for the upgrade with our most basic excel file. When it is converted to PDF in 5.1.1 there are three issues.

1) The visible document is shrunk.

2) The last row in the document is shrunk even further.

3) The footer text is aligned to the bottom of the page instead of alligned to the top of the footer. (I believe this has always been an issue and causes the footer text to not be printed when using the PDF.)

I then retried the same test using 5.1.0 and found that 1 and 3 were still an issue.

I have attached the original excel spreadsheet as well as the 5.1.1 converted PDF and the 5.1.0 converted PDF.


Thanks for providing us the template files.

After an initial test, I can find the issues you have mentioned. I have logged your issue into our issue tracking system with an id: CELLSNET-19065. We will figure your issues out soon.

Thank you.


Please try the attached version.

We have fixed the issues now.

Thank you.

Everything that I mentioned specifically is fixed. But the right and bottom margins look to be about three times as wide as they are supposed to be. I tested this out by printing the converted PDF and printing the Excel document.


Just making sure that you saw that the margins are still an issue.


Please find the updated version of Aspose.Cells (Aspose.Cells5.1.1.3.zip). The issue has been fixed.


The margins looks good. But, I noticed something else. The disclaimer at the bottom of the page shows up as four lines instead of three. I looked some more and found that all the text seems to be a fraction wider. I matched up the text from what I printed from excel and what printed from the converted PDF and it looks like there is an extra pixel worth of width between each of the characters. This caused the first item in the Report Distribution section to wrap as well.

Also, The font size on the footer in the PDF is smaller than it is in Excel.


We have tried to reproduce the issues mentioned by you, but it is observed that the font size of the excel file and generated PDF are same.

The test was conducted using VS2005, Aspose.Cells5.1.1.3, Adobe Reader 9.
When the PDF is generated we set the magnification of the page to 100%. It all seems OK.

Remember! If you copy the text from PDF file to MS word or some excel sheet, the Font & text size will not be the same. There will be some variations.


As I said before, the font looks correct. But the spacing between characters is larger in the PDF. Is there anything that can be done about that? I am using the same tools. Due to the spacing difference, there is wrapping that shouldn’t be occuring and wrapping that is occuring too soon in the text. You can see this by printing from the Excel file and Printing the converted PDF and looking at the differences.

The issues you have found earlier (filed as 19065) have been fixed in this update.

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We do not know the text wrap algorithm of Excel, so we just emulate the internal algorithm of Excel.

We are working on this but this is internal to excel .So, we are not sure what can be done.We will update you as soon as we will be able to find out some thing.