Convert DOC/RTF to WML and WML to DOC/RTF


Does your product provide support for converting a Word ML (xml) document to DOC format and vice versa?

Our product relies on Word documents being in WML format. We have a large customer that does not want to require its users to all upgrade to Word 2003 right now. If we could transform the WML documents to and from DOC format then we could continue to store and manipulate documents in our database as WML while delivering/recieving DOC/RTF documents to/from the user.

Thanks for any help you can provide.


Thank you for your interest in Aspose.Word. We are working on supporting WordML and RTF, please check back in a month or so.


Any progress on being able to deal with WML? We are especially interested in being able to convert from .DOC to WML and from WML to .DOC format.



We are very sorry, no progress yet. We are working on it, please check back later.