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Convert DOCX Word Document Stream to PDF Stream using C# Java | Process Arabic Hebrew Languages | MS Word fonts


I am looking for the feasibility of the Aspose in my web application. My web application produces lots of documents. A user gets an option to download the document either in PDF or word format. If the user requests for a PDF, the web application generates the word document and then converts the document to PDF. My questions are

  1. Can Aspose.word convert a word document stream to PDF stream?
  2. Does Aspose.word support Left to Right languages like Arabic, Hebrew?
  3. Does it come with all the MS Word fonts or additional fonts needs to be bought?


Thanks for your interest in Aspose.Words APIs.

Yes, please check the following simple code:

Stream stream = File.OpenRead(@"E:\\Temp\\input.docx");
Document doc = new Document(stream, new LoadOptions() { LoadFormat = LoadFormat.Docx });

MemoryStream pdfStream = new MemoryStream();
doc.Save(pdfStream, SaveFormat.Pdf);
pdfStream.Position = 0;
File.WriteAllBytes(@"E:\\Temp\\output.pdf", pdfStream.ToArray());

Yes, Arabic and Hebrew languages are supported

No, all the MS Word fonts are not part of Aspose.Words package. You will have to find the fonts used in Word documents separately. For more details, please refer to the following section of documentation: