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Convert eml to msg with embedded image (inline) does not work?


When converting eml file to msg, we get an empty (Void) embedded image in the msg file. Is there a solution to this problem ?

Aspose Network release and have been tried.

Thanks in advance,


Hi Marc,

Thanks for considering Aspose.

This is a known issue. Inline images are not exported properly during eml to msg conversion. We already have this issue logged in our bug tracking system and are working on it. I will inform you when it gets resolved.

Please let us know also. We have the same problem.

Hi Staff Aspose,

Have you more information about our issue 4 month ago ?

This issue has already been requested one year ago and not at all information about it.

Is it possible you get 5 min to explain us if you are able to do the work and when it will be finished ?

Thanks in advance,

Have a nice day,



Hi Marc,

I am very sorry for the inconvenience. Due to the complexity of msg format and other high priority issues, we could not deliver this earlier.

Unfortunately, I cannot tell you the expected time at this moment. I will contact the developers for their comments. Thanks for your patience.