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CONVERT HTML->PDF results in empty page


I want to convert a simple HTML page to pdf and show in the browser.

My VB Code:
Dim pdf As Pdf = New Pdf
pdf.Save("test.pdf", SaveType.OpenInBrowser, Response)

my HTML.html page only contains:
Hello World

What is my mistake?

Thanks, Tobi Langer

Thanks for considering Aspose.

In my test, it's fine. Which version of Aspose.Pdf are used?

Please refer to following page for details:

I tried Version: and Version:
I also tried like in your example.
I always only get a blanc pdf.

I don't understand that.
Thanks for your help.

Sorry, our product only support the html page which contains like this:

hello world!

We will try to make the HTML feature more fault tolerant in the future version.

Thanks for considering Aspose.

We'll give more good messages about exceptions.

Oh yes.... Big Smile [:D]

That was exactly my problem.
Thank you very much.