Convert PDF to Images

i have a module Drupal 7 to convert all page PDF to array Images then insert into my database, but it don’t work

Pleasese help me

sorry for my english

File attachment demo.rar

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We are sorry for the inconvenience caused. Please share your source PDF document here and also share some details about the error/issue you are facing. We will test the scenario at our end and will guide you accordingly.

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I will try code to

but when i check file on cloud → Sample.pdf = 0.0kb and folder Output is empty

// Include the SDK files that we need here
//The appSID and appKey are used for authentication
Aspose\Cloud\Common\AsposeApp::$appSID = “c3eec53f-a026-4bc3-b121-26dbcfef4c5c”;
Aspose\Cloud\Common\AsposeApp::$appKey = “15a3d291ff619523a7887b630cbe7664”;
// The output location is the directory where we hold the converted images
// It should be have writable permissions. There should be a / at the end of this.
Aspose\Cloud\Common\AsposeApp::$outPutLocation = getcwd() . “/Output/”;
$input = “Sample.pdf”;
$format = “jpeg”;
$page = 1;
// We shall use the Folder and Converter component of SDK
$folder = new Aspose\Cloud\Storage\Folder();
$converter = new Aspose\Cloud\Pdf\Converter($input);
try {
// Upload the $input file to Aspose Cloud Storage
$folder->UploadFile($input, “”);
// Convert $page into specified $format and save the result in $output file
$output = $converter->ConvertToImage($page, $format);
// Tell the web browser that the PHP script is about to send a JPG image
// Send the contents our $output file to the browser
echo file_get_contents($output);
// Delete the generated $output file. We don’t need it anymore
// Delete the uploaded PDF too. We are all done with it.
// It is a good practice to keep the uploaded document until all operation
// are complete and the file is no more needed. Uploading the file
// again on each request will waste time :slight_smile:
} catch (Exception $x) {
// Ooops! let the user know what happened
echo $x->getMessage();


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Thanks for your sharing additional information. We are looking into it and will get back to you soon.

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