Convert PDF to PDF/A in Java using Aspose.PDF - an Error has occurred

Asad, Do you see any update on this issue where the size of the document is being increased when converted to PDF/A.

We already raised and escalated through paid support almost a month back but still nothing is heard on this.


We can see that the issue has been already escalated to the highest priority. Upon initial investigation, it has resulted that the increased document size is not an issue actually. Because format PDF_A_1B does not allow transparency, but watermark in the document is semi-transparent. That is algorithm redraws the part of the page with alpha into an image that took additional space to keep how the original document looks and keep compliant with the format at the same time.

But we cannot reproduce the problem with the exception. The decoded exception says that problem is only connected with jpeg decoder. It could be connected with JDK or OS that you use. We need more information like OS version, JDK/JVM version, full stack-trace received with latest version 20.11. Also, it could help java options, heap space, and other environment settings that could influence on java process.