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Convert PPTX to other formats not working with 3D Shape Effects


I’m using Aspose.Slides 17.2.0.

I have a shape in my slide with a 3D-Rotation effect applied. After conversion, the image does not have the shape effect applied.

To reproduce, simply insert a rectangle shape, select it and click on Format -> Shape Effects -> 3D Rotation. I’m using the “Isometric: Top Up” rotation.

I convert to both images and html format, neither of these preserve the shape effect.

Is there anything specific I need to do for this to work?

Hi Hennie,

I have observed your requirements. I regret to inform that this feature is not available in Aspose.Slides yet. A ticket with ID SLIDESNET-35632 has been created in our issue tracking system as new feature request to implement this feature. This thread has been associated with the ticket so that we may share the notification with you once this feature will be available.

We are sorry for your inconvenience,