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Convert saved message to PDF


Is there any way, using a combination of this and other Aspose components to convert a saved email message (EML, MHT, MSG, etc) to a PDF document?

And if not, then is it a feature that could be considered?



I think saving msg file to PDF file is out of our product scope. It looks like we need to have some PDF components to do that, like Aspose.Pdf.

However, we can leverage to parse the email files then feed the content to PDF component and finally render them.

Could you please explain more about your project requirement or scenario. We may be more clear the picture and ready to do some investigation.


A client needs to be able to convert selected email messages in Outlook to PDF files. At the moment, we are having to print them out using the Adobe PDF Printer, but it would be nicer if we could combine this with some software we have written with other Aspose tools for converting Word docs, etc to PDF, allowing us to integrate several processes much more than currently.

Aspose.Words reads HTML, but not MHT, so I was thinking maybe using Aspose.Network to save to .MHT then Aspose.Words and Aspose.PDF to convert this to PDF, but if you could add something to convert the email message to PDF straight from Aspose.Network to Aspose.PDF that would be great. The resultant PDF should look something like the emails when printed from Outlook.

Hi Caustin,

Please check the attached demo. It uses Aspose.Network and Aspose.Pdf libraries to create the pdf document from msg file. Let me know if it satisfies your project requirements.