Convert SpreadsheetML file to .xls with java


I wonder if it is possible to read a spreadsheetML file and convert it to an .xls.
I noticed the following on Wiki:


//Creating an Excel object
Excel excel=new Excel();

//Calling Open method of Excel object to open SpreadsheetML file
excel.Open(“C:\book1.xml”, FileFormatType.SpreadsheetML);


//Save in default Excel2000 format“C:\book1.xls”);

My problem is that the first part (C#) is not possible via Java?

I can not find the open(String fileName, FileFormatType format) method in the java library…


Reading spreadsheetML is not supported in Aspose.Cells for Java. We will make it in the future release. When will you need this feature?


Aspose.Cells for Java has supported reading and writing spreadsheetML.Please try the version 1.7.1.