Convert Word DOCX Document to PDF in a Cloud .NET based Application | .NET SDK to Consume Cloud Web Services

I’m using a cloud application based on .Net.
I need to convert docx documents that are being created in the application to pdf.
I struggle to understand do I need to use the Aspose cloud/Aspose PDF or other product.

Looking forward to having your advice.



Please note that Aspose.PDF does not offer DOCX to PDF conversion. Instead, Aspose.Words is the API specialized to deal with Word file as well as their conversion into PDF format. We are moving your inquiry in Aspose.Words category where you will be assisted accordingly.


With Aspose.Words Cloud APIs, you can first upload Word DOCX files to Aspose.Words Cloud Storage (or any other Cloud Storage of your choice) and then make calls to Aspose.Words web services (e.g. using .NET SDK) to perform Word DOCX document to PDF file conversion. In this case, Aspose will use its own servers to do all the cloud computing i.e. you don’t need to worry about the CPU, RAM and other hardware utilizations.

With Aspose.Words for .NET API, you can perform Word DOCX to PDF conversions inside your own computer. In this case, Aspose will not transmit any files from your machine to its server for conversions. However, if the DOCX file is not present on your machine, then you first need to download that DOCX file from file hosting server to your computer, convert the file locally and then upload converted PDF file to file server.

Thank you very much.

I’m using a cloud application so there is no way to download it to the user’s computer.
I would like to use the Cloud service.
Can you point me please to the exact library to download or api to use to do it?

I’ve created an example application and I’m interested in using Aspose services.

Looking forward to having your assistance.


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