Convert Word File with Aspose Pdf


we would like to use Aspose Word and Aspose Pdf to create a newsletter automatically. The building with Aspose Word works fine, but when I try to convert the document into a pdf – file with aspose pdf, I don’t get the output, I want to have.

I send you my word file, my favorite pdf – output and the output of Aspose Pdf.

Is there any chance to get the normal output with Aspose pdf, too? What I have to do? Which versions of Aspose Word and Aspose Pdf we have to buy?



Apparently, your document is a bit too complex for current DOC to PDF conversion supported by Aspose components.

Here is a number of issues I’ve noticed, some with possible workarounds:

1. Use of columns is not yet supported by Aspose.Pdf. You can try to workaround by creating a table that mimics columns on the page.

2. Picture in the header gets too big. We will check this in Aspose.Word.

3. Text in a textbox gets moved to the left of the page. This is because drawing shapes are not supported during conversion. You can solve this by creating a table and using it to position the text on the page.

4. Cell background is lost. This is because in MS Word you can have Foreground color and Background color for a Fill and you can have 100% fill or 0% fill. Basically, 100% Red Foreground will achieve the same affect with 0% Any color Foreground and Red Background. Aspose.Pdf supports only fill color, so if you change your fill method to use background, not foreground color, it will come out correctly during conversion.

5. Footers and headers are missing on some pages. We will adress this issue in Aspose.Word.

I cannot give an exact estimate, hope we will have fixes for those two issues in a couple of weeks.


Some news:

1. Headers and footers are missing because in MS Word document they are linked to previous section headers and footers. You can workaround if you break the link and explicitly define headers and footers for the second section. There will be a fix for linked headers and footers in Aspose.Word, but later.

2. Too much extra white space in the footer. This happens because MS Word uses two values to figure out position of the header/footer on the page: Page Margin and From Page Edge. Aspose.Pdf supports only Page Marg at the moment.
You can workaround if you reduce your bottom page margin or add some empty paragraphs inside the footer before the footer text.


Another update:

The image too big in the header issue was fixed. Not exactly sure, probably it was fixed in Aspose.Pdf so get latest hotfix of both Aspose.Word and Aspose.Pdf.