Convert XML to PDF by using java


How to convert XML to PDf in java by using aspose. We have license of aspose.
Provide me the code.
R. Subramanum



Thanks for contacting support.

Please check “convert XML file to PDF” article in our API documentation, in order to convert XML to PDF. In case of any further inquiry, please feel free to let us know.


Hi Asad,

Thanks for your quick response.

I tested the code which you provided and it is working fine.
As per my observation in code we are providing hard code value of XML tag. As per my requirement the XML tag name may be change. In that scenario the code is throwing Error.

Can you please provide me the code for generating PDF file based on dynamic XML tag.

Thanks in Advance !!!




Thanks for your feedback.

Would you please share your sample XML template and explain a bit more about dynamic tags in it. We will check related details at our side and share our feedback with you.



I requested the XML file to client. I will send you after getting File.

Thanks and Regards,
R. Subramanum



Please take your time to gather the requested information.