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Converting a word document with Sanskrit fonts to epub

I have a Office 2007 document which has mainly Sanskrit fonts. After I save it in epub format, transfer it to my itouch and read it all the Sanskrit characters come up as gibberish. I appreciate very much if you can provide a solution for non-English characters.


Thank you for your interest in Aspose products. Could you please attach your input and output documents here for testing? I will check the problem on my side and provide you more information.

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Thanks for the quick response. I will attach the input and output to this posting. Since I could not attach the file with epub extension I will rename it as *.epub.doc.

Thank you for additional information. Could you please also attach “BRH Devanagari Extra” font here for testing.

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Can you please download the fonts from here ?


Thank you for additional information. Please try using the following code:

Document doc = new Document(“durgAsaptashati.doc”);

// Font resources should be exported to EPUB.

HtmlSaveOptions opt = new HtmlSaveOptions(SaveFormat.Epub);

opt.ExportFontResources = true;

doc.Save(“out.epub”, opt);

In case of using this code epub looks fine.

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That was very quick. I am a bit lost. Can you please let me know where to use the code snippet you have provided?


Thanks for your inquiry. As I understand you are using Aspose.Words for MS Word. This product is based on Aspose.Words for NET, and the code above shows how to work this problem around programmatically. There is no way to fix this problem using Aspose.Words for MS Word.

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Thank you very much for giving it a try.

Hello Srini,

Thank you for your interest in Aspose products. Unfortunately, Andrey is right, there is no way to convert documents to EPUB with advanced options using Aspose.Words for MS Word. However, we plan to release another free conversion tool that will allow this. Currently, there is no estimates but I think, such product will be available somewhere in this year.

Best regards.

I am very pleased with the response I have received so far. I am looking forward to using your next update whenever it happens. Keep up the good work.