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Converting EMF to SVG huge size output using Aspose.Imaging for .NET

Hi there,

We are seeing issue related to file size for EMF to SVG converted file compared to EMF to PNG converted file. Could you please check and let us know.

Code Snippet :

String dataDir = “C:\emf-with-svg-content\”;
Image image = Image.load(dataDir + “image9.emf”, new MetafileLoadOptions(true));
try {
// Create an instance of EmfRasterizationOptions class and set
// different options
final EmfRasterizationOptions emfRasterizationOptions = new EmfRasterizationOptions();

// call the save method and pass instance of SvgOptions class to
// convert it to SVG format.
image.save(dataDir + "image9.svg", new SvgOptions() {

} finally {


EMF’s size.zip (1.6 MB)


I have worked with source file and sample code shared by you using Aspose.Imaging 18.9 and generated both format PNG and SVG. I like to share that i don’tResult.zip (1.7 MB)
see much difference in size of both formats. I have also shared my generated output with you for your kind reference. I also like to inform that SVG format is xml, which can not be compressed by the nature of the format.

Hi @Adnan.Ahmad,

Please refer the latest attachment. I could see the image sizes as below.

EMF size -> 1201 KB
SVG size -> 972 KB
PNG size -> 523 KB

There is huge difference between the sizes.

Thanks,EMF’s size_lates.zip (1.9 MB)


I have observed your comments. You may use below code snippet to reduce file size of PNG. For SVG like i said in my previous reply SVG format is xml, which can not be compressed by the nature of the format.

image.save(path+ “imagepng.png”, new PngOptions() { FilterType = PngFilterType.Adaptive