Converting PDF to an image with transparent margins at te top and bottomg

I’ve been creating some test apps to convert pdf’s to images as we are going to be using aspose pdf in our next project. Is it possible to convert a page to an image with top and bottom transparent margins ? If so is there any sample code for doing this.


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I am pleased to share that Aspose.Pdf for.NET supports the capability to convert PDF pages into Image format. However concerning to your requirement on generating images with Top and Bottom transparent margins, please share some further details. Please note that the resultant Image will be identical to the pages of source PDF file.

For further details, please visit Convert all PDF pages to JPEG Images

I want to generate a image which is almost identical to the the pdf page however, I need it to have a transparent 250px height top and bottom area.

Hi Mike,<?xml:namespace prefix = o ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:office" />

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However, I am not certain if this feature is available at the moment. Also, I am not sure if Adobe supports such a feature while converting PDF to Image. If you have some idea regarding achieving this using Adobe, please share the steps and output with us. This will help us understand the feature and supported it / respond accordingly.

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