Converting pdf to image problem


I am trying to convert a PDF file to an image to then be displayed on a webpage. However, the whole PDF does not seem to be saved as an image. How come the 2D barcode is not being converted in to the image file? I have been using the following code:

Using VB.NET:

Dim converter As PdfConverter = New PdfConverter
Dim prefix As String = "C:\test"
Dim suffix As String = ".bmp"
Dim imageCount As Integer = 1

While converter.HasNextImage()
converter.GetNextImage(prefix + imageCount.ToString + suffix)
imageCount = imageCount + 1
End While

I have also tried using SaveAsTIFF function with no luck. Thanks for any help you can give me!!


Dear bcrchn,

Than you for considering Aspose.

We will test the attached file and reply you ASAP.


Thanks for considering Aspose.

No Images saving is because of a missing slash - "\", plz add a slash at the last of prefix as follows: Dim prefix As String = "C:\test\" .

BTW, the icons at front of each texts segment are missing because of some technique issues, we will solve it ASAP.


We have tested the pdf file you attatched and found that we could not solve the lost icon problem now, because the icon in the pdf is a image format which we don’t support converting now. We are support only JPEG, BMP & simple TIFF images and we have no plan to support other format images now.