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Converting PDF to Images: Missing Pictures from the PDF

When converting a pdf into an images all images from the pdf file are rendered black.

We use PDFConverter.doConvert() to extract the images. I attached the source PDF and the resultuing JPEGs after image extraction. We’re using PDF Kit for Java 4.3.0.

Hi Golo,

Thanks for using our products.

have tested the scenario and I am able to reproduce the same problem. For the
sake of correction, I have logged it in our issue tracking system as
will investigate this issue in details and will keep you updated on the status
of a correction.

apologize for your inconvenience.


any news on that issue?


any news on that issue? Things are getting complicated here.

Hi Golo,

Thanks for your patience.

Our development team is working hard
on resolving this issue but I am afraid this problem is not yet
completely fixed. Nevertheless, I have requested the development team to share
any possible ETA. As soon as I have some updates regarding its resolution, I
would be more than happy to update you with the status of correction. Please be
patient and spare us little time.

We are sorry for this delay and inconvenience.

Hi Golo,

I have further discussed with development team and as per
our current estimates, we plan to get this issue resolved by Q1-2013. However if you need to raise the priority of this problem, you may consider subscribing for Enterprise Support or Priority Support and we can try fixing this issue by the end of 2012. Please note that the issue with ES/PS support have high precedence in terms of resolution as compare to issues logged with normal priority.

Please be patient and spare us little time. Your patience and comprehension is greatly appreciated in
this regard.


Any news on that issue? We’re running out of time and my company ist starting to look for aspose alternatives.

Hi Golo,

Thanks for your patience.
We are in the process of testing the new upcoming MergedAPI version of Aspose.Pdf for Java which is in fact an auto-ported version of Aspose.Pdf for .NET to Java platform. During my testing with this new release, I have observed that your earlier stated issue is resolved. For your reference, I have also attached the resultant PDF files which I have generated with this new release version.

PS, we plan to release the new version within current month.