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Converting xfa to static pdf

Is it possible to convert an XFA (livecycle) pdf to static pdf using either Aspose.Pdf or Aspose.Pdf.Kit?


Thank you very much for considering Aspose.

Are you interested to make the contents of the PDF form fields a part of the PDF content making them non-editable? Do you think flattening all the form fields will work in your scenario? If so, please share the platform you’re working with – .NET or Java – so we could guide you accordingly. However, if you have some different requirement then please elaborate it a little bit.


Thanks for reviewing my post!

I’m using C# / .NET : I’m looking to take an XFA pdf like the attached and flatten it so the field data is stamped onto the PDF and the fields removed. Does that make sense?


You may use FlattenAllFields method of Form class to flatten all the form fields so that they become the part of the PDF text content. If you want to flatten a particular field, you may use FlattenField method.

Please download the latest version of Aspose.Pdf.Kit for .NET and try at your end.

I hope this helps. If you find any further questions, please do let us know.