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ConvertStringToNumericValue on a subset of cells

So we are using Aspose.Cells version, and we noticed there is a bug with “ConvertStringToNumericValue”…if there is a cell that has a single “.” in it, then ConvertStringToNumericValue will throw an error. Unfortunately we cannot at this time upgrade our Aspose, since I saw another thread saying this bug is fixed in or something like that.

My question is, is it possible to call ConvertStringToNumericValue on a subset of cells (a range, for example)? I know that ConvertStringToNumericValue is off of the “Cells” collection, but was not sure if there was a way to get a subset of Cells to call the function off of. I am familiar with ranges, but did not see a “Cells” property off of a “Range” object.

If this is possible, we can avoid the bug above since we dont want to convert that “.” to numeric anyways.

Any information would be greatly appreciated. Thanks,

Tejash Patel


Well, as you mentioned if there was a bug regarding “ConvertStringToNumericValue” method of Cells class and it was fixed in the later versions, so you should use the later versions. I am afraid, we cannot help you much regarding this, there is no other alternative to your issue to fix it.

Moreover, I am afraid, we don’t have the policy to include functionality or to provide fix for some older versions.

Thank you for understanding.