Copy slide content or Excel worksheet to a new slide


I am trying to do the following:
1. Copy slide content (excluding slide master content) from a slide to another slide. This deals with two separate PowerPoint files. Please note that I do not want to copy the entire slide!!!
2. Copy (almost like a print screen) an Excel worksheet and insert the content into a slide.

Any help/suggestions would be appreciated!


1- If you want to copy all the contents of slide excluding its master, then should clone the slide via Presentation.CloneSlide method and then either change its master via Slide.ChangeMaster or simply set the Slide.FollowMasterObjects, Slide.FollowMasterScheme and Slide.FollowMasterBackground to false

2- To copy excel sheet, you need to either read its contents with some third party component and create the similar table on the slide or you need to take the picture of your excel sheet with some other component and add it on the slide as a PictureFrame, or you need to add your excel sheet as OLE object. For code example to see, how to add Excel Sheet as an OLE object, please see this thread.