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Copy values from protected file


I have a password protected workbook that I need to work with but no password.

Currently, using excel automation, I can open this workbook, copy it's values (not formulas) to a new sheet, and then work with the new, unprotectetd sheet.

It seems that with your excel.Open method, the data is loaded right away, so it fails requiring the password. Is there a way I can simply copy just the values of a protected worksheet using Aspose.Ecel rather than automation?

Many thanks

Is your file protected in the following way?

In MS Excel, Tools->Protection->Protect Workbook .

If yes, Aspose.Excel doesn't support it now. It's encrypted when you protect the workbook. We will investigate this encrytion algorithm and make it in the future releases. However, I think you should provide the password even Aspose.Excel supports to open protected workbook.