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Copy worksheet including charts from one workbook to another

Hello -

We are currently trying to copy a worksheet using Aspose.Excel from one worksheet to another. The copy routine only copies data and formatting, but not any charts or pictures. Is there anyway to do this?

Worksheet.Copy method doesn’t copy drawing objects. Please try Worksheets.AddCopy method.

Thanks for the quick reply. I saw the addcopy function, but it seems like it would only work for copying a worksheet within the same workbook. How would I copy a worksheet into another workbook?

Copying drawing object in different workbooks are not supported yet. It’s too complex to do it now.

Do you have any plans to add this functionality to a future release? If so, do you have any estimates on timing?

I will investigate this feature and add it to Aspose.Excel in the future release. I think it will take about 2 months.

Laurence -

Have you had time to evaluate adding the functionality to copy a chart from a worksheet in 1 workbook to a worksheet in another workbook? Is this slated for development any time soon? The reason I ask is my company is really pushing me to add functionality to an application I support that uses your component. I would hate to have to maintain 2 seperate components for working with Excel or worse yet rearchitecting things to use a new component altogether.



Hi Brian,

Please try Aspose.Cells for .NET (Latest Version) . It’s supported.

This is perfect! You guys are awesome!