Copy Worksheets Between Excels Request


We have a need to be able to copy a Worksheet from one Excel object to another. Is this something in the near future plans?


We will put your feature request in our work plan. And it will be available in a short time.

However, the new copy method will only copy formatting and data in cells. It will not copy image, chart and other drawing objects.


Thank you!

Is there any idea of a timeframe?

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Hi Matt,

It will be available within two weeks.


that’s good news…the copying of worksheets from one workbook to another is a requirement for the project we are going to use this type of tool for…regarding the formatting - will it copy the page formatting as well - so if a sheet is configured to be landscape, will the new copy also carry that property over?


Yes. The page setup formatting will also be copyed.


Now it’s available at the latest hotfix. Please refer to Worksheet.Copy method.<OStick out tongue



We are almost done with the evaluation of Aspose.Excel - one outstanding issue is copying a worksheet from one workbook to another.

Here is the scenario:

- create one master workbook with many tabs in it
- using that workbook as a source, create many more workbooks, one at a time, by copying and pasting certain tabs from the master workbook into the new workbooks

Two questions:
1) is there a limit in Aspose.Excel as to the size (in bytes) or in number of tabs of an Excel file (Excel itself doesn’t have a limit on the number of tabs as long as there is available memory to hold them)

2) can you supply a sample of how you would use the Worksheet.Copy method to copy a worksheet (say worksheet 3) from one workbook (say one that was opened from an existing file) to a workbook that was newly created on the fly? I have download the patch referenced in this posting but am not sure how to do this.

Thanks in advance!


  1. No, there isn’t such a limit.

    Excel excel1 = new Excel();

    //Load data from designer file and do something

    //Copy a worksheet within this workbook

    //Create a new workbook and copy worksheet from excel1
    Excel excel2 = new Excel();