Copy write protected workbook and opening in Pocket Excel problem


I have a protected Excel workbook. I can open it and save it using the demo provided with Aspose.Excel. When I open the copy of the original workbook in Excel2003, it seems unprotected for both the sheets as well as the workbook. Unfortunately, when I try to open the copied workbook in Pocket Excel I still get the error message "Cannot open passowrd protected Microsoft Excel workbooks".

Can you please help me? The goal here is to copy 2 sheets of the original write protected workbook and save them in a format that can be read by Pocket Excel.




Dear Juriaan,

I am not familar with Pocket Excel. Could it open write-protected Excel files created in PC?

Please check .

Have you tried to open and save files without password? Could them be opened under Pocket Excel?

And if possible, please zip and post your sample file and source code here. I will check them.