Copying an Aspose created worksheet from one workbook to another (in Excel)


We have workbooks created through Aspose ( When we have a larger workbook (around 3MB), and open that workbook in Excel 2003, then try and copy a worksheet from that workbook to a new workbook, Excel crashes. If we try to move it to a new workbook, that works.

Here are the steps for when it crashes:

1. open the larger Excel workbook

2. right click on a worksheet tab

3. select move or copy

4. select to a new workbook

5. select create a copy

6. click OK

--> then Excel crashes. If you replace step 5 (in other works - just move the worksheet to a new file) it works. Also, we do not have the copy problem when using smaller workbooks.



Hi Bob,

Could you zip and post your file here? And please try this latest version.



If I post an example here, will it be available to the public? It contains confidential information (we already have an NDA signed with Aspose so I can share the file with you...).



Hi Bob,

Your posted file can only be accessed by Aspose developers and yourself. Or you can send it to Thank you.



Attached is the file - we can move a worksheet from this file to a new Excel workbook- but when we try to copy a worksheet from this file to a new Excel workbook, Excel crashes with the following:


EXCEL.EXE - Application Error


The instruction at "0x301efe26" referenced memory at "0x00000177". The memory could not be "read".

Click on OK to terminate the program

Click on CANCEL to debug the program


OK Cancel




Hi Bob,

1. This problem does exist on Excel97 and Excel2000 but it works fine in ExcelXP and Excel2003.

2. After I use latest version of Aspose.Cells to open and save this file, this problem dissapears. Please try this attached version.


okā€¦thank you! Smile [:)]