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Copying formula with relative references

I have one cell in a worksheet that has a relative formula (eg F23 =sum(F15:F22) - I want to copy it to the whole row but have it refer to the correct column (eg in cell A23 the formula should be =sum(A15:A22))
In native excel it’s simply a matter of copy and paste.

I’ve tried setting the cell’s formula property - but that makes all cells refer to the same column.
I’ve also tried the .Copy method but that has the same effect.

I searched the help file for “relative”, “fill”, “cell copy” with no success.
Am I missing something obvious?



Hi Brad,

Please try this attached version.

Workbook workbook = new Workbook();

Looks like your change fixes the relative reference issue -

at least for one case.
when the formula is like this =sum(f10:f23) it works
when the formula is like this =B11-B12-B13 it does not
I tested this by changing the formula form B11-B12-B13 to sum(B11:B13)
it adjusts correctly.



Please try this attached fix.

That fix seems to have worked for all my formulae

thanks! - my app is almost 100% working now.