Copying rows with formulae


I have a row consisting of data in columns A and B and a formula =A1 * B1 in column C.

I want to replicate the row, then change the contents of A and B.

When I use worksheet.cells.copyRow the formats and data copy fine, but
the formula in column C is =A1*B1 for each row - whereas I was hoping
that, like Excel, it would automaticlly update the references. How can
I get around this?


Tim Pigden


Hi Tim,

Please try latest v4.0.3.


I am working in Java and have the latest version (22nd September)



Hi Tim,

Aspose.Cells for Java does not support this feature.It will take us a week to complete it.

Thanks for your patience.


Hi Warren,

Just to be clear - this will be fixed within a week (or so) and be in some upgrade release shortly thereafter. Is that correct?



Hi Tim,

Yes.After we fix the bug ,we will post the fix to here and you can get it to test first.If there is no problem , we will release new version.


Hi Tim,

Please try this fix.


Excellent. Works a treat!

Thanks for the quick response.