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COR*.tmp files left behind in Temp folder


We are using the aspose software for converting office files into PDFs and then importing these into our software for further processing.

We are noticing that everytime we send a request for PDF generation from the office files, a large number of COR*.tmp files (e.g., CORFCBC.tmp) are created and stored in the temp folder. And these files are not getting cleaned up after the PDF generation.

Any ideas? Are the COR*.tmp files created by the Aspose software as part of the PDF generation?


PS: Posting here as well as Aspose.cells as I am not sure which is the correct forum to post this.


I am representative of Aspose.Cells team.

I am not sure about COR*.tmp files.

However, Aspose.Cells for Java used
to create multiple font related temporary files previously, but this
issue has now been improved in latest version.

Now single or lesser number of temp files are created.

Could you please download and use the latest version:
for Java v7.3.2.1

and let us know your findings?