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Could I convert html to doc in this way?

Say we have a web page this builds a very complicated report depeding on HTTP query string, at the bottom of this page we put a button called convert this page into word doc. when a client press this button we want to convert this page to doc and display the coverted document on the page on the fly.
when I convert this page, rather than converting line by line I want to do something like
say the name of object I created is called “docConverter” then

docConverter.SourceFilePath = "somewhere.html"
docConverter.DestinationFilePath = "somewhere.doc"
and open somewhere.doc in the browswer.

Could we archive this?

Thanks for your interest in Aspose.Word.

Yes, it will be possible to load HTML and save in DOC format soon almost in the way you request it. Estimated delivery date is not fixed yet, could be sometime in September.

Thanks for your reply.
However, unfortunately the enstimated launch date is not good for us as our launch date is 10th of sep.


Is this a must or nice to have feature in your solution? Do you have an alternative?
If you can send a sample of your html document that you want to conver to .doc to I’ll see maybe we can bring the delivery date forward.

First of all, I really appreciate your quick response,

This project is for Australian Federal Government. So we must meet the deadline.
Do you have any other emails that I could send images to? this way I could send screen shots of what we are trying to do.

Thanks is my email for this.