Crash when using pres.SaveToPdf


Could you please tell me why I am getting the following error when using the SaveToPdf method?

System.TypeLoadException: Method 'Ꮂ' in type 'ፙ.ᘈ' from assembly 'Aspose.PowerPoint, Version=, Culture=neutral, PublicKeyToken=716fcc553a201e56' does not have an implementation.
at ፙ.ᒄ.buildTypeDictionary()
at ፙ.ᒄ..ctor(ፘ window)
at ጮ.ጭ.ጶ(Stream ጷ)
at Aspose.PowerPoint.Presentation.SaveToPdf(Stream stream)

An example of the code I am using is:

Presentation oPres = new Presentation("C:\\pres\\pres1.ppt");


oPres = null;

I have the Enterprise version of Aspose.PowerPoint.




Looks like a problems with new obfuscation tool.

We will move back to the old obfuscator and publish new version today.