Create an external hyperlink for newly created text fragment inside PDF using Aspose.PDF in C#

In the below example i m able to create open file hyperlink. But hpw do i create external hyperlink
TextFragment textFragment = new TextFragment(“This is link text”);
//FileHyperlink h1=new FileHyperlink(“”);
textFragment.setHyperlink(new FileHyperlink(“multiheader2.pdf”));


Thanks for contacting support.

When you say external hyperlink, would you please elaborate a bit more about it. Would you kindly share a sample PDF document for us which contains external hyperlinks so that we can test the scenario in our environment and address it accordingly.

Sorry my bad. I meant to say GoToRemoteAction we want to create a hyperlink pointing to some other document.
i m able to create LaunchAction by below code
textFragment.setHyperlink(new FileHyperlink(“multiheader2.pdf”));
i m able to create GoToURIAction by below code
textFragment.setHyperlink(new WebHyperlink(“”));
but i m not getting how to create GoToRemoteAction .

multiheader1.pdf (84.1 KB)


We have responded to your similar inquiry in other thread.