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Creating an MPP File

I am trialing your product, and can’t seem to find a way to create a MPP file. It looks as if only MPX file can be created is that true?

Dear Desjardinsy,

Yes, that’s true. It’s not possible to write mpp files.
But you can create mpx file and open it in MS Project or import to existing mpp file.

Why this restriction? It seems that this will only give an extra step to my users since Project won’t let them work directly in the MPX but rater ask them to save as an MPP.

Also, in my test, I use

aTask.ActualStart = DateTime.Parse(aReleaseContract.ReleaseGAActualDate)

DateTime.Parse(aReleaseContract.ReleaseGAActualDate) returns a datetime value of #10/28/2004#

but aTask.ActualStart gives #10/28/2000# am I missing something??

Dear Desjardinsy,

MPX file is a normal Project format but it’s a text format. MPP is a binary format and creating good MPP writer can take several months. We are considering it but don’t have enough requests to start such a huge work yet.

Also you can use MPD format or use MS Project Server. It has read/write access too.

About dates. Yes, you missed to read Edition Types info.
Please read note on the top of page. It’s a limitation of Evaluation license.

Is it a normal behavior that when I open the MPX with project it creates a second copy of it (Now I have 2 project opened), and when trying to save, it won’t save to the MPX but ask to save as an MPP?

Second copy is not a normal situation. After short investigation I found the same problem on another computer (XP with SP2). I’m not sure if it’s because of sp2 but…

And yes, last versions of MS Project can’t save mpx files. So after opening you can save it as mpp.

I am done with my Evaluation, I think we will move forward with it.