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Creating Event Recurrences


I have date list and i want to create MapiCalendarEventRecurrene please provide c# code for the same.


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Please have a look at the following sample code for your kind reference. You can also have a look at Working with Recurrences documentation article where sample codes are available for Task but the same can be used for MapiCalendar as well.

Sample Code

MapiCalendarEventRecurrence f_reccurence = new MapiCalendarEventRecurrence();
f_reccurence.RecurrencePattern = new MapiCalendarDailyRecurrencePattern();
f_reccurence.RecurrencePattern.PatternType = MapiCalendarRecurrencePatternType.Day;
//f_reccurence.RecurrencePattern.OccurrenceCount = 10;
f_reccurence.RecurrencePattern.Period = 1;
f_reccurence.RecurrencePattern.EndType = MapiCalendarRecurrenceEndType.None;
MapiCalendar mapiCal = new MapiCalendar();
mapiCal.Recurrence = f_reccurence;
mapiCal.Save(@“D:\Aspose\UnlimitedCal.ics”, AppointmentSaveFormat.Ics);


thanks for replying but please provide the c# code very specific to my question i.e. I have DateTime list and i want to create MapiCalendarRecurrenePattern for this. please provide the sample code ASAP i would be very thankful to you and obeliged.




Can you help us know how this is achieved using Microsoft Outlook in case of many dates? Aspose.Email supports all type of recurrences as listed here and these may be of help to you.