Creating New Word Document



I need a control that will allow my web-based (VB .Net) application to create a new Word document and populate it with data from a database.

Is this something that Aspose.Word is/will be able to do?



Hi Pete,

Yes, that’s what Aspose.Word is designed to do, but read on.

At Aspose we think that creating document from scratch programmatically (adding paragraphs, text, formatting, tables, etc) is reasonably complex and inefficient way.

We suggest you first design your document in MS Word and insert mail merge fields in places where you want to insert your data. You can also insert fields with special names to designate repeatable regions that will be automaitcally repeated for every record to let areas in your document grow.

It is so comfortable to design a report in MS Word and it is just a few lines of code to populate it using Aspose.Word.