Creating one presentation from multiple seperate presentations


A friend of mine that works with another organzation who using your product explained to me that Aspose.PowerPoint would allow for users to take multiple PowerPoint presentations and make them into one presentation with a click of a button. I have gone through your website and looked at you product information but could not find anything that states that it will do exactly that. Could someone please let me know if this is doable and how it would be done. Thanks. Heather Robinson, Fort Bragg, NC


In whole that’s true. Aspose.PowerPoint can copy slides from one presentation to another.

But of course you should write your own application “with one button”.

The main idea is you should open all source presentations and copy (clone) slides

to some target presentation and save it to separate file.

You can check Presentation.CloneSlide function in API reference and CloneSlide demo.

Also please check Programmer’s Guide in the Wiki.