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Creating PDFs in a Classic ASP environment. Pre Purchase sales question

I have a question from the developer who wants to use the product. He develops asp pages out on our Intranet which is using classic asp.

We have a question to see if the software would allow us to create from coding an ASP page on our intranet, which is in asp rather than .NET page as we don’t have .NET pages.

Questions our developer had were

We need to be able to write an HTLM page as PDF. Is that possible?
If so, does it support CSS?
If it does, does the CSS need to be embedded within style tags, or can external CSS files be used.

If it doesn’t support CSS files, what would be the method to convert HTML (which is already paginated) and make it into a PDF file?

Which product would I need to order, aspose.pdf ?

Thank You.


I have observed your requirements and like to inform that I have created investigation ticket with ID HTMLNET-2687 in our issue tracking system to investigate and resolve this issue as soon possible. I request you to please spare us sometime to investigate this on our end to help you out.